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Kit Harington, Scoot McNairy and Josh Lucas are set to headline filmmaker Rod Blackhurst’s upcoming action thriller, Blood for Dust

Written by David Ebeltoft and Blackhurst, the film centres on former friends — Cliff (McNairy), a traveling salesman struggling to make a living, and Ricky (Harington), an illegal-weapons dealer making a lot of money — who reconnect one day. 

The film’s logline reads, “Hoping to make some quick cash, Cliff agrees to partner with the violent Ricky, who is expanding his business to include cross-state drug and gun deliveries for John, a mid-level American cartel boss (Lucas). Reluctantly he agrees to retrofit his beat-up station wagon to carry dozens of kilos of drugs. When Ricky turns a simple exchange into a bloodbath to eliminate the competition, Cliff is forced to grapple with a harsh new reality.”

Noah Lang, Mark Fasano and Bernard Kira are producing the project. “While Blood for Dust is a story born from the realities of our times, it’s also a pulse-pounding thriller about family, pain, greed, mobile defibrillator units, the American dream and its contradictions therein,” said Blackhurst. 

The filming of Blood for Dust will begin filming in September in the US.

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