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Questions I Need Answered In Season 2 Of “Only Murders In The Building”


For example, figuring out who sent that text.

WARNING: There are major spoilers for Season 1 of Only Murders in the Building in this post.

Season 2 of Only Murders in the Building is almost upon us — and after that totally bonkers finale, it has a lot of questions to answer.

Here are 16 things I need to find out by the end of the upcoming season:


Who killed Bunny?


The Season 1 finale ended with Mabel, Charles, and Oliver being arrested after being discovered with the body of a freshly stabbed Bunny. The identity of her killer is the biggest question that needs to be answered, and I expect once it’s answered, more questions will unfold.


Did Bunny’s killer definitely mean to frame Mabel?


When Charles and Oliver find Mabel covered in blood and kneeling in front of Bunny’s body, she says about the now-deceased Arconia board president, “I just opened the door and she stumbled in on me.”

Between Bunny “stumbling into” Mabel’s apartment and having been stabbed with one of her knitting needles, it seems likely that whoever killed Bunny was trying to point the finger at Mabel.

But what if the knitting needle was just a weapon of opportunity, and Bunny just happened to end up in Mabel’s apartment? It’s a stretch for sure, but not impossible, since they live on the same floor and Mabel’s might have just been the first one Bunny reached.


Was Bunny definitely killed with the knitting needle?


Or was this maybe another Tim Kono situation? Seems unlikely that we’d be dealing with another red herring like that, but anything’s possible.


Who texted Oliver and Charles?


Just after the fire alarm goes off (again), they each get a text from an unknown number, telling them to “get out of the building now!!!”

Of course, they don’t listen, opting instead to go get Mabel. Loyal, but ultimately foolish, as they end up getting arrested for Bunny’s murder right along side her.


Did Mabel get a text as well?


If she did, it’s unlikely that the person who framed her for Bunny’s murder is the one who texted Charles and Oliver. If that’s the case, though, who else knew what was about to happen?

If she didn’t get a text, and the person who framed her texted Charles and Oliver…why? Was it because they knew the two men wouldn’t leave the Arconia without Mabel, thereby implicating themselves when the police showed up?


Who’s going to take over as the Arconia board president?


Uma, perhaps? Ndidi? Ursula? Bunny’s mom (to be played by Shirley Maclaine)? The yet-to-be-seen Nina Kim?

According to The Illuminerdi, the show was casting “an Asian or South Asian woman in her 30s. Nina is described as gorgeous, affluent, very pregnant, and powerful. Nina has a take-no-prisoners pragmatism in order to get what she desires. With Bunny gone, Nina is taking her chance to become the new Board President of the Arconia and she is willing to do whatever it takes. Nina’s desire to take Bunny’s position makes her a prime suspect for the trio’s new case.”

In the trailer, when the trio attends what could be a memorial service for Bunny, you can see a woman who matches the description in the background.


Will whoever it is evict the trio?


Judging from the Season 2 trailer, Charles, Oliver, and Mabel don’t get the warmest welcome when they go back to the Arconia.


What happened to the Dimases?


I noticed Teddy pop up in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment in the Season 2 trailer, so there’s a good chance he managed to buy his way out of prison. But what about Theo? Zoe’s death is a lot more serious than grave robbing, so he might be behind bars.


Who left the note for Jan?


Jan had no issues stabbing herself to take herself off the suspect list, but why would she also leave herself a note that no one else would see? I suppose it’s possible she did it just in case someone was around to see her find the note to further cast suspicion off herself, but I think it’s more likely there’s a snoop in the Arconia (other than the trio).


Why did Tim break up with Jan?


The whole reason Jan killed Tim Kono is that he broke up with her — but while she’s explaining everything to Charles, the one thing she leaves out is why Tim dumped her. Who knows what kind of insight it could give into Bunny’s case?


Who’s visiting Jan in prison?


In the Season 2 trailer, we get a quick look at Jan on the phone, and it looks an awful lot like she’s talking to someone from the wrong side of a prison visitation window. (However, it also looks like she might be wearing a watch or bracelet, which I’m pretty sure isn’t allowed in prison, so who knows?)

At any rate, who’s she talking to? Charles seems like the obvious choice, but I can see Oliver or Mabel going instead so he doesn’t have to face her.


Why were Cinda and Poppy at the Arconia?


At the end of the finale, we see Cinda and her assistant posted up outside the Arconia, watching the trio be arrested. But how did they know to be there? Police blotter, perhaps? A tip-off from another Arconian (maybe the snoop)?


Is Oscar out of the picture?


Before Mabel was arrested, it seemed like things were finally going to work out for her and Oscar. Of the relationship, though, showrunner John Hoffman told Deadline back in October, “It’s going to be interesting to see where it goes. It’s born out of tragedy or around a time of great tragedy for both of them. There are certain dreams they both have that they recognize who they are together, but I think they have work to do to understand exactly who they are and if they’re meant to be together.”

However, Aaron Rodriguez was nowhere to be found in the Season 2 trailer — unlike Cara Delevingne, who will be playing a love interest of Mabel. Clearly Mabel has a thing for strong eyebrows.


What’s with the bloody knife?


In the Season 2 trailer, we see Oliver with a bloody knife, which he hurls up at the ceiling when he realizes he’s…holding a bloody knife. Where did it come from? Whose blood is that?


Is Amy Schumer’s character going to be murdered?


According to Vanity Fair, Schumer’s character, who’s living in the penthouse, “takes on a pivotal role in the season’s first episodes,” and as Collider pointed out, that could mean she meets a grisly end early on in the season.


Is this Lucy?


In the finale we see Charles reopening the lines of communication with his long-lost surrogate daughter, Lucy. Back in October, the Illuminerdi reported that OMITB was looking to “cast a woman 18 years or older of any ethnicity to play 16 years old.”

At the end of the trailer, we see a young girl showing the trio what appears to be a hidden passageway in the Arconia (possibly connecting all the apartments). Charles has lived at the Arconia for decades, which means Lucy and her mom lived there for some time. It’d make sense for Lucy to have done some exploring while she was there.

What big questions do you have for Season 2 of Only Murders in the Building? Sound off in the comments!

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