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The Trailer For “1UP” A New BuzzFeed Film Just Dropped


Getcha head in the game, girls!

The trailer for the new esports comedy 1UP has just officially dropped — and I didn’t know how badly I needed a women-led gamer movie until right now!

BuzzFeed Studios

1UP is another summer release from Lionsgate and BuzzFeed Studios.

The film stars Paris Berelc as V, a nationally-ranked esports gamer who’s just had to quit her college’s own male-dominated gaming league due to major sexism from the other teammates.

With her Esports scholarship now on the line, V and her BFF Sloane (played by Hari Nef) enlist the help of video game expert Parker (Ruby Rose) to form and level up an all-women’s gaming team that’ll take down the misogynistic reigning champs at their school, the Betas.

Of course, hilarity ensues as V and Sloane assemble a rag tag group of students and morph them into a competitive team called the 8-Bits.

There’s some much needed female-empowerment and friendship building scenes that are not only heartwarming but also seriously hilarious!

And the overall representation of women in gaming that I, personally, needed to see so much when I was growing up — ahh, I’m just so here for it!!

So if you’re sensing a void in your life that a well-made esports comedy can fill (because, of course, you are), then I think we’re all gonna have a fantastic time watching this gem!

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