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Action is the most broadly appealing genre, concur SS Rajamouli and Russo Brothers- Cinema express


With The Gray Man directed by Russo Brothers and SS Rajamouli’s RRR both streaming on Netflix, the streaming giant arranged a virtual meet where the filmmakers got to discuss their different loves for the action genre and what inspires fans all across the world.

Rajamouli found it both satisfying and unexpected to see RRR grow to become the most watched Indian film on Netflix, with more than 47 million hours of total viewing time with subtitles in 15 other languages.

“Yes, I was taken aback by how the West received it. Everyone enjoys a good narrative, but I didn’t expect I could make films for everyone, or acquire a grip over the Western sensibilities”, Rajamouli stated, during his discussion with the Russo Brothers.

“I had never trusted myself. Therefore, I was genuinely shocked when RRR first appeared on Netflix, when viewers began to watch it, when word of mouth began to spread, and when the reviewers began to give it positive reviews.”

All three directors concur that action is the most broadly appealing genre to base their narratives on, despite their shared belief that movies should be anchored in emotion, which Rajamouli refers to as “the basement on which you can create this great extravaganza.”

Joe Russo asserts that “Action is a universal language. Geography and choreography are involved. Without words, it can be communicated. Therefore, I do believe that it is, in many respects, the most transcending genre, the most accessible to everyone in the world.”

Post their virtual conversation, the Russo Brothers took to their Twitter, to write: “Such an honor getting to meet THE great SS Rajamouli.”

The RRR maker replied back by tweeting, “The honour and pleasure are mine.. It was a great interaction . Looking forward to meet and learn a bit of your craft.”

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