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Throwback to when Alia Bhatt spoke about her one big dream


Alia Bhatt has been on a roll this year and there’s no denying that. Both on the personal and professional front, she has been tasting success and happiness in equal measures. News of her dream wedding to Ranbir Kapoor on April 14 and then of her first pregnancy broke the internet. Speaking of marriage, there was once an instance where Alia Bhatt expressed how she dreams of being at the Oscars and giving a winning speech the way most girls often dream of their big day as their wedding day.

In a conversation with a leading entertainment portal, she mentioned, “I only think about that one day when I am standing in front of people, receiving an Oscar. What marriage is for most girls, an Oscar is for me.”

Alia Bhatt

She was also quoted on another entertainment portal, adding on to her previous statement, “Actually the question was do you dream about the day you get married. I just said I dream about the day that I receive an Oscar. What I will wear for that, how I walk on stage, hopefully, I won’t fall on stage, give a speech, who all I will thank. All these things.”

Alia Bhatt

She concluded by saying that this is her one big dream and she has nothing against what marriage means and the importance of it, but for her, this is the one big dream she pursues.

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