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Fivel Stewart to star in psychological horror film Wake- Cinema express


Actor Fivel Stewart is set to star in the new horror thriller, Wake. Stewart will serve as an executive producer on the film as well. Tom Arizmendi and Austin Parks Stewart will direct the movie from a screenplay by Elizabeth H. Vu. Daniel Blake Smith, Teddy Van Gough, and Sam Logan are all serving as producers on Wake, which is being described as a psychological horror film set in Hollywood.

Stewart will star as a struggling actress who will stop at nothing in order to land the leading role in a remake of a classic film. The lead protagonist soon meets the original actress who played the role she is currently vying for, which leads to a seemingly complicated relationship. The older actress is now a hermit of sorts, but that doesn’t stop the main character from wanting to be in the other woman’s life. 

However, when the two women cross paths, uncomfortable happenings cause a descent into hell that neither woman is prepared for. It is currently unclear who will play the reclusive actress, but that news should come shortly.

Stewart first gained fame when she began a large recurring role in the second season of Atypical, a Netflix show that followed an 18-year-old on the autism spectrum. Stewart played Izzie Taylor, a high-school runner who begins a romantic relationship with the main character’s sister. 

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