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The Girls at the Back trailer out- Cinema express


The Girls at the Back

The trailer of The Girls at the Back was released on Tuesday. The series is written and directed by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo. The story revolves around a bunch of childhood friends who, every year without any exception organize a week-long getaway together. This year is different; one of them has been diagnosed with cancer and this will make this trip decisive for their lives. 


Before leaving for the beach, they have made a promise: they will not talk about cancer and they will also have to complete a challenge, a wish, something they have not dared to explore for fear of the consequences. Each of them will write their wish on a piece of paper, secretly put it in a box, and all of them will have to carry it out, without exception. From that moment on, they will realize that they have one week left to be more united than ever and to open all those doors they never dared to knock on. And some trips change your life forever, but some lives change your trips forever.

With a total of 6 episodes, the series was filmed at several locations in the province of Cádiz and Madrid.

The Girls at the Back‘s main cast is headed by Itsaso Arana, Mónica Miranda, María Rodríguez Soto, Mariona Terés, Godeliv Van den Brandt and Javier Rey. The series is all set to premiere on September 23.

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