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Shawn Levy reveals plans to develop Stranger Things into a cinematic universe- Cinema express


At the red carpet interview for the Emmy, Shawn Levy revealed that he is planning to develop Stranger Things into a cinematic universe. The Canadian filmmaker, known for directing films like FreeGuy, The Adam Project, and Night at the Museum, is also serving as the executive producer for Netflix’s Stranger Things.

He is currently working on the third instalment of the Deadpool franchise, starring Ryan Reynolds in the lead. He revealed that working with Marvel boss Kevin Feige has educated him on the nuances of building a larger cinematic universe and he’s planning to use them to build Stranger Things into a larger universe. STCU (Stranger Things Cinematic Universe) could potentially involve spinoff series and films that might structurally connect and build each other’s stories, much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Since he is currently working on a Deadpool film, he was asked if he had any plans to introduce the Marvel anti-hero into the STCU, to which the director replied that he has been thinking about it and that it could possibly be on the cards. Season 4 of Stranger Things was released in July and was generally well received. Netflix went on to renew the series for a fifth season. The makers later confirmed that they are planning to wrap up the series with the fifth season.

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