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Shawn Levy clarifies comments on possible Deadpool-Stranger Things crossover- Cinema express


Director/Producer Shawn Levy has come out providing clarification for his earlier comments that hinted at a possible DeadpoolStranger Things crossover. The filmmaker has now come out saying that it was a joke that people misunderstood and has apologised for the same. 

Earlier, at the red carpet interview for the Emmy Awards, Shawn Levy spoke about expanding his Stranger Things franchise into a cinematic universe like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since he is also currently working on the third instalment of Deadpool, he was asked a follow-up question about a potential Deadpool-Stranger Things crossover. The filmmaker expressed interest and went on to say that it is something he is currently discussing with Ryan Reynolds. He said that they haven’t “cracked the deal yet but the card is on the table.”

Now, Levy has come out with a statement on Twitter that reads, “…Sorry my dumb joke led to misleading headlines.” The director has previously worked with Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds on Adam Project and Free Guy.

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