The New I Am A Voter Public Service Announcement Features Hailey Bieber. Non-Profit Organization Whose Mission Is To Increase Voter Turnout In National Elections Esmart Shoping


The 25-year-old model is featured in a new public service announcement for the organization I am a voter. A nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase voter turnout in periodic elections.

Bieber encourages viewers to check their voter registration and begin strategizing their voting strategy in the ad.

When mentioning that this year’s general election is on November 8, Bieber reminds viewers that early voting is available in most states. He then says that hundreds of state and local jobs, the governorships, and both houses of Congress, are up for election.

The public service announcement then encourages viewers to register to vote early or on Election Day, November 8, by texting the word “VOTER” to the number 26797.

My collaboration with I am a voter is something I look forward to. In an exclusive statement to PEOPLE, Bieber urges his fans to register and start thinking about how they will vote in the upcoming midterm elections in November.

I hope everyone can spend two minutes to make sure they are registered and ready to vote today; there are so many candidates and legislation being voted on that will influence millions of lives, especially women’s.

This new effort is part of Bieber’s ongoing efforts to encourage people to exercise their right to vote. Her skincare line, Rhode, has recently partnered with the organization I am a voter. Rhode and the Rhode Futures Foundation, a nonprofit to improve the lives of Rhode women and their families by 2023, honored National Voter Registration Day on September 20 by urging fans to sign up to vote.

88 of the 99 state legislative chambers and 36% of the Senate are up for grabs in November, according to a statement released by I am a voter co-founder Mandana Dayani. Midterm elections directly impact our daily lives and the topics that matter most to us. We appreciate Hailey Bieber’s tireless efforts to bring attention to vital issues by using her celebrity to raise funds and awareness.

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