Halloweentown Cast Then Vs. Now


I think it’s safe to say that Halloweentown remains one of the best Halloween movies of all time.

And even after the first movie was released in 1998, the cast has remained incredibly close, and have even reunited a bunch at Halloweentown conventions and panels.

So, to celebrate this iconic movie, here’s what the original cast of Halloweentown looks like 24 years after its release.


Kimberly J. Brown, who played Marnie Piper

She was 13 years old when she was cast in Halloweentown.

If you’ve been on TikTok recently, you’ve probably seen some of her great Halloweentown-themed videos.

And she’s currently engaged to Daniel Kountz, who played Kal in Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge.


Joey Zimmerman, who played Dylan Piper.

He was 12 years old when he appeared in Halloweentown.

After the Halloweentown movies, Joey didn’t do a ton of acting, but he still loves celebrating the movies.


Emily Roeske, who played Sophie Piper

She was 7 years old when she was cast in Halloweentown.

She recently reunited at a Halloweentown event with some of the cast.


Judith Hoag, who played Gwen Cromwell Piper

She was 35 years old when she starred in Halloweentown.

Judith has starred in several notable TV shows since Halloweentown, including Big Love, Nashville, The Magicians, and more.

Also, here’s the Piper/Cromwell family all together in 2017.


Phillip Van Dyke, who played Luke

He was 14 years old when he appeared in Halloweentown.

Following Halloweentown, he appeared in a few TV episodes in the early 2000s, like when he played young Christopher in Gilmore Girls.


Robin Thomas, who played Kalabar

He was 49 years old when he starred in Halloweentown.

He went on to appear in countless TV shows such as Desperate Housewives, Castle, Switched at Birth, Fuller House, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and more. Recently, he’s appeared in numerous Mystery 101 Hallmark movie series.


Kenneth Choi, who played “Hip Sales Creature”

He was 27 years old when he appeared in Halloweentown.

Halloweentown was actually Kenneth’s first movie. Since then, he’s appeared in so many great shows and movies like Sons of Anarchy, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he currently stars as Howard “Chimney” Han on 9-1-1.


Rino Romano, who voiced Benny

He was 29 years old when he voiced Benny in Halloweentown.

And here he is now in real life:

He still does a ton of voiceover work; most notably, he’s been The Narrator for Curious George since 2007. Rino also voiced The Batman/Bruce Wayne in The Batman, as well as characters in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Samurai Jack, Spider-Man, Teen Titans, and many more.


And finally, Debbie Reynolds, who played Aggie Cromwell

She was 66 years old when she starred in Halloweentown.

Sadly, Debbie died in 2016. At the time, Kimberly J. Brown penned a heartfelt tribute about working with Debbie on the Halloweentown films.

“She was the warmest and the kindest. I appreciated that she always treated me like a peer, even at 13, encouraging me with that twinkle in her eye along the way. As I grew older and we worked together more, her jokes and stories became a little bawdier, and I was riveted. She loved sharing wisdom and making you laugh at her own expense. It made her day to make someone else happy,” Kimberly wrote.

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