Lisa Rinna Reacts To Being Booed At BravoCon


To the point where Lisa gave the crowd the ol’ middle finger:

As for her reaction to the incident, Lisa told E!, “Everybody was very worried that I was booed, and I take it as a rite of passage, like a wrestler. It’s like wrestling.”

Yup, according to Lisa, in wrestling, “if you were booed, you were the star.” Thankfully, a WWE career seems off the cards for Lisa as she fears she would be “smashed and killed instantly.”

Reiterating that everything was fiiiiiine, Lisa told ET, “I loved it so much! Everyone was so worried for me and I was like ‘Why are you worried? It’s fabulous.'”

Why the booing? For one, Season 12 has been a drama-filled one for Lisa — the names Sutton Stracke and Kathy Hilton come to mind. Her comments on cancer in the season finale hardly went down well either.

Sooooo…anyone else think of this?

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