Andy Cohen Regrets Oprah Interview On WWHL


If you’ve ever watched even one episode of Watch What Happens Live, you know that Andy Cohen‘s interview style can be a little…extra.

During the interview, Andy asked Oprah at one point if she’d “ever swum in the lady river” — ostensibly asking a question about her sexual identity.

During a panel at this year’s BravoCon (via People), Andy admitted to moderators Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb that asking the question wasn’t his finest moment.

“I asked it so poorly,” he said while talking about his thinking behind the question. “I decided, ‘Why don’t I throw this out? Maybe I’ll throw a bomb out.'”

“And I asked Oprah, ‘Have you ever swum in the lady pond?’ And she was like, ‘No.'”

Andy says that he never got to discuss the moment with Oprah, and he also noted that she hasn’t appeared on the show since.

But! He did talk with Oprah’s longtime BFF, Gayle King.

“I heard from Gayle the next day, and Gayle goes, ‘Oprah didn’t know what the lady pond was,'” he recalled, later adding that “he always wants people to leave happy. They’re schlepping all the way down to SoHo, and I want them to be glad they came.”

“And I was like, ‘Well, then, I need to re-ask the question!’ But [Oprah] hasn’t come back.” Hey, maybe she will — but, also, I wouldn’t count on it.

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