Uncut Gems combo Adam Sandler-Safdie Brothers reunite for new Netflix film- Cinema express


Actor-director Adam Sandler and Safdie Brothers, who turned heads with the 2019 Netflix film Uncut Gems, are back again for a new project. The new film will begin shooting in 2023 and until the team has resolved not to reveal any crucial information about the project.

Talking in an interview, Adam Sandler said the upcoming film will be as intense as his previous film with the Safdie Brothers. Uncut Gems, which was released in 2019, received critical praise for its writing and hard-hitting performance by Adam Sandler, the film went on to receive Oscar buzz. Sandler, who predominantly works in comedy films, was praised for experimenting with a serious drama like Uncut Gems.

The Safdie Brothers rose to fame with their 2017 film Good Time, starring Robert Pattinson in the lead role. Josh and Benny Safdie wrote and directed the film, it received positive reviews upon release and launched their careers in mainstream Hollywood.

Adam Sandler was recently seen in the 2022 sports drama Hustler, directed by Jeremiah Zagar. Meanwhile, the Safdie brothers have been enjoying a successful career as supporting actors. Josh Safdie has appeared in films like This Summer Feeling and Togetherness while Benny Safdie was seen in Licorice Pizza, he was also added to the cast of Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film Oppenheimer.

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