Kylie Jenner Allegedly Claimed To Hailey Bieber That One Of Her Seven Savage Dogs Grabbed Kendall Jenner In The a$$ Esmart Shoping


Kylie Jenner disclosed that her unruly dog gang bit down on her sister Kendall Jenner’s derriere. During the Halloween episode of Who’s in my bathroom that Hailey Bieber filmed for her pal, the beauty entrepreneur revealed that she had seven dogs, all of which are wild.

Kylie stated that they bit Kendall on the rear end, which caused her best friend to express absolute disbelief at the incident. They bit her on the rear end?! Bieber repeated while exhibiting wide-eyed wonderment.

The subject was brought up while Kylie, who is 25 years old, was tenderly stroking Oscar, the cute Morkie (Maltese-Yorkie) that Hailey, who is also 25 years old and is married to Justin Bieber.

At an earlier point in the program, Hailey and Kylie, dressed in witch costumes, discussed how the frightening holiday has shifted for the Kardashians star ever since she became a mother.

She went on to say that all she wanted to do for Halloween was take her children out “trick or treating.” In contrast to the past, in which I was the focal point of attention, the focus is now on the other person(s).

The mother of two children, who has a daughter named Stormi, who is four years old, and a son who is almost nine months old with Travis Scott, expressed to the founder of Rhode skincare that celebrating October 31 is more enjoyable now since she gets to live through them.

While Kylie and their children were spending Halloween weekend in Los Angeles, the rapper was partying alone in Miami, now 31 years old. Then, around 4 a.m., he showed up at a strip club where he was the only customer.

Page Six was informed by anonymous sources that the musician had spent the night drinking directly from the bottle of Don Julio in 1942. Since Instagram model Rojean Kar accused Scott cheated on his fiancée earlier this month, things have appeared to be tense between him and his girlfriend, Kylie.

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