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Seth McFarlane’s upcoming prequel series based on the foul-mouthed Teddy Bear character Ted has reportedly wrapped its filming. The CG animated character, voiced by McFarlane himself, was first introduced in the 2012 live-action comedy film Ted starring Mark Wahlberg in the lead. The film, written and directed by Seth McFarlane,  spawned a sequel in 2015.

Seth McFarlane confirmed the end of the film’s shooting through an Instagram post that showed Ted sitting through the camera monitor. The series is reportedly set in the 1990s and will feature younger versions of the characters from the original film. The cast of the series includes Scott Grimes, Alanna Ubach, Max Burkholder, and Giorgia Whigham. Burkholder will play the younger version of John Bannett, a character previously portrayed by Mark Wahlberg in the film. Ubach and Grimes will be playing Bannett’s parents in the film.

In an interview with Collider, McFarlane elaborated on the plot of the show by saying, “It’s a prequel that takes place in 1993 and embraces that era, embraces the nineties and tracks what is essentially Ted’s adolescence, I guess. Ted and John’s adolescence. And, growing up in a Boston suburb. Look, as somebody who grew up in that part of the country, it’s a fun thing to try and recreate.” 

The 10-episode Peacock series currently does not have a release date.

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