Frank Miller to create series adaptation of Corto Maltese graphic novels for StudioCanal- Cinema express


StudioCanal is reportedly making a live-action series adaptation of the Corto Maltese graphic novels with comic book writer Frank Miller attached to create, write, and also serve as the executive producer for the series. With each episode being an hour long, the series is planned to have six episodes in total.

The Corto Maltese comic book series is about an adventurous sailor created by Italian comic book creator Hugo Pratt in 1967. The comic book series is highly regarded as one of the highest literary achievements in the graphic novel sphere and has been translated into several languages over the years. 

Set in the early 1900s, Corto Maltese follows the seafaring adventures of the titular character as he meets real-world characters like the American outlaw Butch Cassidy, WWI British fighter pilot Red Baron, American writer Jack London, and his African-American nurse Virginia Prentiss.

Frank Miller is best known for creating best-selling, critically acclaimed graphic novels like Sin City, 300, Batman: Year One, Daredevil: Born Again, and The Dark Knight Returns, some of which have been adapted into successful live-action films.  

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