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DC’s upcoming film The Flash, starring Ezra Miller in the lead, has reportedly moved up its release date a week. It was earlier announced that the film will release on 23 June 2023 but now it has been confirmed to release on 16 June to capitalise on the Father’s Day weekend.

The release window was previously held by Pixar’s upcoming film Elemental and Jennifer Lawrence’s R-rated Sony film No Hard Feelings. The Flash film will reportedly fix the DC timeline and remove the franchise inconsistencies, it has been confirmed that Michael Keaton’s Batman will make an appearance in the film alongside Ben Affleck’s Batman. Michael Shannon’s Zod, who first appeared in Man of Steel, is also reported to be a part of the film

Ezra Miller, who plays the titular superhero in the film, has been involved in a string of controversies recently. He was recently arrested for assaulting people and stealing alcohol from the victim’s house. 

Apart from Miller, Keaton, Affleck, and Shannon, the cast of the film also includes Maribel Verdú, Sasha Calle, Antje Traue, Kiersey Clemons, and Ron Livingston.

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