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Dorothy Tristan passes away

Dorothy Tristan, who was known for her roles in End of the Road, Klute, and Scarecrow in the early 1970s, passed away. The 88-year-old actor breathed her last on Sunday, after a longstanding battle with Alzheimer’s for 10 years. Her husband, director John D Hannock broke the news on Wednesday.

Tristan debuted in 1970 with End of the Road, after which she starred in the Oscar-nominated film Klute the next year. She was then featured in the 1973 film Scarecrow. Tristan shifted to working behind the camera for a stretch, assisting her husband on films like Prancer, A Piece of Eden, Suspended Animation, and Girls of Summer.

After an onscreen hiatus of nearly three decades, she starred in her husband’s directorial The Looking Glass. She played the role of an Alzheimer’s patient who is given the responsibility of passing on everything she knows to her granddaughter. Her husband directed the film, set in the couple’s real-life, longtime home in La Porte.

She is survived by her husband, son, daughter, and grandchildren. 

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